Cub Scout Pack 219

Selling Popcorn Online

Online Sales are used as a supplement to the Take Order Sale and should not replace the door to door experience.

Online is the best way to sell to friends and family who live out of town. Scouts can send emails to customers asking them to purchase Trail's End products online. Customers click on the link in the Scout's email and can begin shopping right away. Customers order products online and pay with a credit card, and Trail's End ships the products directly to customers.


  1. Scouts can reach customers who they otherwise would not be able to sell to.
  2. No product delivery or money collection
  3. The average consumer order online is $50.00 (excluding shipping and handling).
  4. Online orders of $90.00 or more have free freight!
  5. Ability to sell popcorn year-round.
  6. Online sales count towards Scout Rewards and Scout Accounts.
  7. The unit earns 35% commission on all online sales.

Scouts create their own account to sell online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Scout or Parent. If the Scout is under 13 you must click on parent.
  3. After Sign in go to the about me tab and update all of the information
    1. Council is Daniel Webster
    2. District is Sunapee
    3. Unit is Pack 219 or Troop 219
  4. Be as thorough as you can be on the About me Page and the Photos and Videos page - this is your chance to tell or remind people about who you are.
  5. Go to the My Campaign and Goals Page. Click on Add New Goal, give the goal a name (ie. 2017 Popcorn Sales) and set a goal amount.
  6. Using the Share Your Page tools, share your page to friends and family via e-mail and social media. Don't be shy here - remember, if you don't ask people can't help!
  7. Go to the orders tab to track your online sales.
  8. Trails End ships the products directly to your customers.
  9. Be sure to follow up with your customers and thank them for supporting you in Scouting!

Be Sure to Visit or TIPS page for some great ways to boost your sales!

Remember, often times making a sale is as simple as asking!

Please contact Bill Rutherford at 603-631-1528 or with any questions!