Cub Scout Pack 219

Scouting for Food

ATTN: All Hands on Deck!

Each year the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts participate in the National BSA Scouting for food.  Door hangers are put out the first weekend (October 28th) and food is collected, sorted and distributed the second weekend (November 4th).  The food we collect helps local food pantries in Lancaster, Whitefield and Groveton.  We need your help to be able to make this a huge success again this year! Please sign up below if you are able to help.

Saturday October 28th from 9:00 to approx. 11:00 am

Saturday November 4th from 9:00 to approx. 11:00 am

It usually works best if a Scout can sign up for both weekends.  This allows us to have the same Scout responsible for hanging door tags and picking up food on a given route.  There is also a reward for the boys in that they hang the door tags the first week and see the fruits of their labor the second week.  In addition to collecting the food the second week we will need help to sort it and prepare if for pickup by the food pantries.

Signing up indicates a willingness to help both weekends. If you are not able to help both weekends please be sure to complete the last question on this form to let us know how you can help.